Sri Sathya Sai Clinic     Activities in Vadodara

DISTRICT - Bharuch

Samiti – Bharuch

Sri Sathya Sai Clinic
Daily medical centre - Sathya Sai Clinic is being run and 359 general disease patients were examined and given necessary medicines.

Narayan Seva

04 Narayan Seva is being carried out at Bharuch at different places. The cooked food was served to appx. 216 poor people of the city.

Hospital Visit
Hospital visit was conducted and biscuits packets were distributed. In aggregate 224 patients were given biscuits in September- 2015 quarter.

Medical Camp

During September 2015 quarter 03 Medical camps wer organized 324 patients were served in SSSVIP.

Samiti – Jambusar

Narayan Seva

In September 2015 quarter 13 Narayan Seva were carried out and 626 people were served cooked food.

During September 2015 quarter 43 Family were given 900 kg wheat at Jambusar.

Hospital Visit
Every month Hospital visit is carried out. In aggregate 70 patients were given food packets in September 2015 quarter.

Vibronics Camps
09 Vibronic camps were organized in quarter ending September 2015. 117 patients were served through Vibronics therapy.

Medical Camp

During September 2015 quarter 06 Medical camps were organized 167 patients were served.
Festival Celebration
During September 2015 quarter Janmashtmi Celebration was done and approx 500 non sai devotee were invited to attain the celebrations.

Samiti – Juna Tavra

Narayan Seva

Regular Narayan Seva is being done. In September 2015 quarter 6 Narayan Seva were carried out and 622 people were served cooked food.

Sri Sathya Sai Clinic

Sathya Sai Clinic is running on regular bases. During September 2015 quarter 12 Medical camps were organized 266 patients were served.

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